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To help global poultry industry with China experience


Under the background of two facts about China: first that China is already a world factory for many years and now top quality poultry equipment can be produced in China; second that China has become the largest poultry market and there are many experienced experts being trained in the past decades in poultry industry. At the mean time, there are also many poultry people over the world are afraid of china product quality, or confused among so many supplier...[more]
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Hatchery Turnkey Project

Single-stage incubators 
      Capacity range 12,000~115,200 eggs per incubator
Multi-stage incubators 
      Capacity range 12,000~90,720 eggs per incubator
HVAC system
Hatchery automation
      Egg canding and transfer
      Chick counter
Other hatchey accessory equipment
Steel structure building

Broiler Project-Floor System

For broiler raising on the floor
Feeding pan system
Nipple drinkers
Ventilation fans
Cooling pads
Automatic controlled chiken shed
Steel structure poultry shed

Breeder Project-Floor System

Breeder Rasing Project
Pan Feeding Ssytem
Nipple Drinker
Laying Nest
Floor System
Steel Structure Poultry Shed

breeder nest

breeder feeding pan

breeder raising equipment

Feed Mill Project

Hammer mill
Pallet mill
Feedmill turnkey project
Capacity from 5 to 30 tons/h

feedmill project

feedmill load

hammer mill

feedmill mixer

pallet mill

feedmill filter

feedmill cooler

Processing Plant/Slaughter House

Processing Line
For chicken/duck/turkey
Killing section equipment 
Scalding equipment 
Evisceration section
Screw chillers
Ice flakers
Cold rooms
Slaughter plant project
Processing turnkey project
Capacity from 500 to 4000 birds per hour

killing line


screw chiller

water remove

Steel Structure Poultry House

Broiler chicken house
Breeder chicken house
Battery cage chicken house
Steel structure houses for storage
Steel structure houses for hatchery
Steel structure houses for processing
Turnkey poultry steel structure houses

2 floor chicken house


broiler chicken house

steel structure chicken house

chicken house with equipment

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